Predictive Analytics to

Identify and Reduce Enterprise Risk

Business Interruption / Reputation Risk / Claims / Cyber Sabotage / Employment Practices Liability


Detecting and preempting threats is

the key to lowering your total cost of risk

Getting Out In Front Of Your Risk

Business Interruption

How many ways can your business be interrupted, resulting in countless dollars and productivity lost. The risks hiding in plain sight can actually create the single greatest risk to you and your organization. 

How are you dealing with it?

Reputation Risk

No leader or organization wants to become front page news and yet it happens every day. Keep reacting or get out in front of it before it happens.


How are you approaching your reputational risk?


The fastest way to reduce your claims liability and cost is to be preemptive in your approach to reducing risk. There is no faster path to a reduced total cost of risk than by preempting the events that create most of your claims.


How are you reducing your claims before they happen? 

Cyber Sabotage

State-sponsored cyber attacks happen but not as often as what happens on the inside. You can allow conditions to persist that invite cyber sabotage or you can preempt the problem before it happens. 


Know what to look for in preventing cyber-sabotage? 


Our Three-Steps For Reducing Your Risk

Risk Profiling

Predictive Analytics

Laser Targeted Risk Reduction

What You Get and Why It’s Different

The Sensitivity and Tolerance Risk Assessment Program (STRAP) Delivers The Following:

Immediately Detects the Presence of Threats to/in the Organization 

Identifies the Precise Nature of the Threats 

Pinpoints the Source of the Threats 

Provides Instant Feedback That Informs Risk Reduction Responses 

Enables Laser Targeting Of Risk Reduction Responses 

Quick Path To a Reduction in TCOR, BI, D&O 

Instant Reporting of Critical Threat Related Information 

Singular View Dashboard with All The Critical Risk Related Information Presented 

No Waiting for Consultant Assessments and Reports 


Work with Us.

Neutralize The Threats That Are Infiltrating Your Organization

Powerful & Easy

Risk Profiles Built

STRAP is the most powerful diagnostic tool available to employers. Determine the health of your employees to minimize the liability to your organization. Do it before the liability, risk, cost and distraction derail your organization.

Ground Breaking

Predictive Analytics Generated

Getting out in front of risk and the resulting liabilities is critical to the long-term health of your organization. Ignore them and you’ll quickly find yourself face to face with challenges you’re not equipped to deal with. Nothing could be worse for a risk manager.

Fast & Efficient

Laser Targeted Responses

Success in risk management is entirely dependent on being able to address risks as quickly, effectively, and with the least cost possible. The best way is to do this is to address the risks before they happen.


Where Our Work Is Found

We work across industries and sectors to extract, analyze and present information that is critical to detecting, diagnosing, predicting and prescribing solutions for threats to and within organizations. The goal is to reduce the risk to the organization and its leadership as quickly as possible. Our STRAP program does just that. We have experience with understanding the nature of the threats that are inside the organization and what is necessary to reduce them which leads to an overall reduction in total cost of risk, business interruption, a reduction in D&O and an overall increase in the productivity and profitability of the organization. We have worked with clients in the for profit and not-for-profit sectors, in retail, e-commerce, health care, technology, food services, insurance, education, manufacturing, construction, unions, energy, finance and waste.


What People Have Said About The Book

“Always Be Prepared”

“This book gets right to the point and addresses a crucial, mostly overlooked problem with being an employer. Running a business is stressful enough. Dealing with rogue employees could be deadly unless you’re guided by wise advice to have a flow of counter moves. The practical, direct of this book is refreshing and critically important to me in the management of my company.”

“Love the Metaphors and the Message”

“Great insight into leading in a proactive manner. Also appreciate how applicable this is for any business size! Recommend!”

“Book for leaders!”

“Great read for employers — no matter the size of your business or organization you can benefit from the insights and wisdom of these authors.”

“Take care of the inside”

“I like the initial emphasis on the idea that primary issues that could cripple a company come more from inside the company and not from other competitors. Take care of your company, it’s employees, it’s mission first. a pre-emptive strike can come from within before it ever comes from anywhere else.” 

“How to avoid a minefield at work”

“I appreciated this book for its insights into the potential minefield of employer-employee relationships—how to recognize potential danger spots, defuse explosive situations before they’re beyond rescue and how to proactively build management skills and culture to reassure and respect employees. Recommended.”


Leadership without limits. 

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