Don’t Hate Millennials, They’re Not The Problem, We Are!

Everyone is bitching about Millennials these days, they’re this, they’re that, but do you realize, Millennials aren’t the problem, we are!

No, this doesn’t have anything to do with management! It has everything to do with the fact that we are the parents of these offending creatures called Millennials!

We’ve told them their entire lives that they can be anything they want to be without bothering to tell them they have to work for it, work at it, and work long enough for anyone to take them seriously and there they are in our workplaces acting like the world AND their employer owes them something just for being alive.

We’ve encouraged them to communicate with us and now they want everyone  at work, especially senior management communicating with them and then get indignant and act out when they feel they haven’t been heard or included.

We’ve also told them they can make all the mistakes in the world because that’s how they’ll learn but never bothered to tell them about what happens if they make a mistake in the real world. No one much appreciates someone who doesn’t take responsibility for their actions and don’t believe they should be held accountable for them.

We’ve showered them with so much love that it never occurs to them that someone might not like them especially if they are behaving in a particular way that wouldn’t be tolerated outside the crib they still live in and call home in our basements.

We’ve allowed them to rant about anything that doesn’t sit right with them and commend them for being so expressive and then they feel attacked when someone at work calls them out for their unprofessional behavior and then go crying to anyone that will listen.

It’s not their fault, it’s ours! And make no mistake, they’ll be making sure to tell you that! 

Here’s the cold, hard truth… we raised these employees! They are our children! We sent these children out into the workforce and they are wreaking havoc! So, for every Millennial that comes to work for you, just remember, you unleashed YOUR little entitled wunderkind on someone else and they are hating YOU right about now along with your kid!

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