We Don’t Need Better Managers, We Need Managers Who Are More Aware

Here’s the deal…

Just like in every relationship, there is conflict… and in the middle of a conflict, harm is done because we don’t deal with what is really going on for us, only the emotions we have about what the other person is doing… we don’t “cop” to the underlying reason for why we’re feeling the way we’re feeling, we just act out our hurt and anger in ways that are unproductive and often harmful. 

This same dynamic exists in the workplace where employees come in like Trojan Horses, filled with emotional baggage that gets expressed in countless negative ways and causes harm to the organization and to the employees.

The culprits in this scenario are the managers who are unwittingly (and sometimes deliberately) using their power to alienate their employees which in turn “triggers” employees into behaving in ways that lower morale, reduce productivity and engagement and in worst case scenarios, can lead to significant risk for the organization in the form of IT infrastructure sabotage or a “take down” of the organization on the internet.

All of this can be avoided with a pre-emptive strike plan that gets to the heart of the issues before they turn your organization into tomorrow’s headline news! This one solution could eliminate all future consulting fees for HR and organizational development and leave your organization with significantly less risk than ever before and the best part is that it can be done immediately with results just as fast! 

What is a pre-emptive strike plan? Well, it’s what we specialize in and something we’re expert at! We’ve written a best-selling book entitled Pre-Emptive Strike Leadership: Neutralizing Behavioral Threats That Are Infiltrating Your Organization and outline a sample pre-emptive strike plan that you can implement today! Click here to find out more about the book and the plan!

We don’t need better managers, we need managers who are more aware! A pre-emptive strike plan can accomplish exactly that!

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