Tone Deaf CEO Alienates 50,000 Employees – Well Done, Charles Scharf!

How about we talk about how out of touch a CEO can be?!!! It’s being reported all over the internet today that the CEO of BNY Mellon has scrapped the decision to ban staff from working at home.

Charles Scharf, CEO of BNYM, had told his 50,000 staff members that they were expected to be at their desks full-time! So, let’s see… here’s a guy who started his career using family connections to get a job with the infamous Jamie Dimon who made this guy his assistant and has had a silver spoon in his mouth the entire time and throughout his entire career. He makes like he made it on his own but anyone with family connections to Jamie Dimon comes from money, is privileged and entitled, lacks for nothing, has everything handed to him and thinks he has actually made it in the world.

No, sorry, Chuckie, you haven’t made it at all! What you’ve made is a big mess in your organization where you’ve alienated 50,000 employees who now have no reason to do anything for you, no reason to work harder than they already are, no reason to be invested in anything you want them to do or want the company to do, no reason to care about anything that involves your organization. And for what?!!! The need to micromanage 50,000 people? The need to send a message to working single mothers that it’s too bad that they have children because they need to be at their desk, on time, on point, doing their jobs, doing your bidding, kissing your ass and that of your minions and to put a smile on their faces while they do it? The need to assert your power over all those people to let them know that you don’t trust them and the only way you can be assured that they’re doing their work is to show up in an office where you aren’t even present? The need to communicate to all of those people that the only measure of someone’s performance, productivity, dedication and commitment, not to mention success, is for them to be chained to their desk? WHAT is wrong with you?!!!

You have demonstrated yourself to be a pathetic excuse of a leader, tone deaf to the reality of the workforce, insensitive to the needs of employees, clueless about the REAL path to profitability. But, all of this is actually pointless because just like you have been quoted before “you’re all business”. Good luck with your reputation pal, it’s all over the internet now and you’re the only one who looks like an idiot! Well done!

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