Your understanding of human behavior lets you “read” people like a book. Now what? Become a Pre-Emptive Strike Certified Trainer (P.E.S.C.T.) and put your skills to work.


Unlike most other continuing education and certification programs, the PESCT program is efficient and focused on what is really going on with your employees, and targets managers for the kind of training that will mitigate risk from employee challenges well into the future. It is, essentially, a capacity-building tool and program that gets you where we need to go in creating a working environment which preempts upheaval and unrest in the workplace. That’s why it’s called “Pre-Emptive Strike Leadership!”


It’s the first program of its kind that “gets at” the underlying causes of employee unrest and risk, and provides a sensible solution to dealing with it on a long-term basis. The program will ultimately save you money (both on consultants, organizations reviews and employee pay-outs!), and will create a more functional and productive workplace. 

Join a network of Pre-Emptive Strike Certified Trainers

2-1/2 days of training and you walk away with a Certification that can produce big results!

  • Begin or enhance your training or consulting practice with STRAP.
  • Turn your counseling energies into coaching dollars.
  • Recruiters and hiring managers, replicate your top performers.
  • HR practitioners, unlock the potential in your workforce.

Whatever your business, industry or purpose, you will always work with people. Utilize the insight of STRAP to maximize your relationships.



The intensive training quickly enables you to identify the behavioral threats posed by managers and employees, and neutralizes them before an incident occurs. No other training exists that addresses what is really going on for employees. It equips you with a pre-emptive strike plan that you can implement immediately to mitigate the behavioral risks.



You’ll become expert at the behavioral analysis necessary to neutralize the risk your managers and employees pose. This expertise can be used in your organization, or in building your own consulting practice. The invaluable training offers the most progressive and effective thinking about human resources and organizational development and produces meaningful results.



Provides in-depth understanding of and unlimited access to the STRAP tool that can be used in your own organization and in others. The results of the STRAP tool can immediately inform an organization of the risks associated with their managers and employees. Pre-emptive strike plan training to mitigate risk is also included.



If you’re looking to take you place in the C-Suite, prove your value with this power-packed Certification Program that will help you expose the behavioral threats that are infiltrating your organization. Play the strategic role of preemptively neutralizing them before your organization becomes tomorrow’s headline news.

Why This Certification?

The risk that can lead to organization implosion: Managerial ineptitude and the abuse of power in the workplace.


Organizations’ failure to acknowledge and respond to the emotional needs of employees and the need for highly skilled managers is producing risk on a scale never before experienced. This Certification program is designed to help you neutralize risk posed by behavioral threats that are infiltrating your organization, offering a powerful solution that is cost effective, efficient, and simple to implement. The approach to training for managers is particularly compelling, and will undoubtedly lessen the stress of your employees, and lead to better management-employee relations. 


The Certification will enable you to continue in your work without the endless consultation fees, and can be applied to any new employee challenges that emerge. It’s like having an in-house “fire chief” who can put out the sparks before they ever turn into fires. To take the analogy a little further, instead of having an office filled with different fire extinguishers – one for the forest fires, one for the kitchen fires, one for the gas fires, etc. – You’ll have one heavy-duty, all-purpose fire extinguisher that identifies where fires might happen before employees engage in scorched earth behavior. Being able to sound the alarm bell and then do something about it before the danger is imminent makes you one of the most value members of your organization’s risk management team! 


Leadership without limits. 

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