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Inside every organization sits a Trojan Horse, filled with employees waiting to unload their emotional baggage, and managers who behave in ways that trigger employees into engaging in “scorched earth” warfare. 

Failure to acknowledge and respond to the emotional needs of employees and the need for highly skilled managers produces staggering risk that is leading to organization implosion caused by managerial ineptitude and the abuse of power in the workplace! 

Pre-Emptive Strike Leadership: Neutralizing Behavioral Threats That Are Infiltrating Your Organizations helps CEOs and HR/OD professionals prevent employees from turning their organizations into tomorrow’s headline news. 

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You think it can’t happen to you, think again! Countless leaders are being brought down each day and all of it could have been avoided by simply creating and deploying a pre-emptive strike plan designed to minimize the behavioral threats that are infiltrating your organization.

Pre-Emptive Strike Leadership is a must-have for every employer! No matter how big or small, for-profit or non-, a tactical pre-emptive strike plan is essential to eliminating the risk laying in wait inside your organization.

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Pre-Emptive Strike Leadership


About The Authors

Spend three decades managing thousands of employees and you have some insight into what makes employees tick or rather become ticking time bombs and it’s not for the reasons you might think! Dr. Arlene Battishill has seen it all in her corporate and entrepreneurial careers with stints as a former Director of Organizational Development, Director of Human Resources, Director of Customer Service, University faculty member, best-selling author, has built a multi-million dollar consumer goods company (has appeared on the ABC TV show “Shark Tank”), host of the podcast, “What’s Your Next Move” and a founding Partner in the Pre-Emptive Strike Consulting ( firm based in Los Angeles and Toronto. She holds a Masters degree and Ph.D. from Temple University in Philadelphia and lives in Los Angeles, CA.

Michael Levitt has over a 25 years experience career in leadership, healthcare, finance and information technology. He has led community engagement, fund raising, and government engagement, which led to thousands of patients getting access to primary healthcare, reducing emergency room visits. Michael served on the Board of Directors for the Mississauga-Halton CCAC.  Michael has the LEAN Health Care Yellow Belt designation through Ontario Hospital Association. Michael is also a graduate of Rotman Healthcare Advanced System Leadership program. Michael studied accounting and management at Walsh College. In 2010, he became a certified crisis intervention trainer, from Canadian Training Institute.


Pre-Emptive Strike Consulting, Inc.

Pre-Emptive Strike Consulting, Inc. is a Los Angeles and Toronto based behavioral threat analysis firm specializing in risk management for organizations. Employees are like Trojan Horses, wheeled into our offices, unloading their emotional baggage and laying in wait for management to act in a way that triggers them into responding with a “scorched earth” approach that takes the organization down and everyone with it. 

We have developed S.T.R.A.P., the Sensitivity and Tolerance Risk Assessment Program, which is a behavioral threat assessment tool and dashboard that gives organizations critical information about the likelihood that existing employees will reactive negatively and harmfully in response to managerial abuse of power, ineptitude and insensitivity, and the resulting management training that is designed to reduce the risk that the organization will become tomorrow’s headline news.

Dr. Arlene Battishill and Michael Levitt, are co-authors of the book “Pre-Emptive Strike Leadership: Neutralizing Behavioral Threats That Are Infiltrating Your Organization”.

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